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Insofar Vapor Bulk records present new CD
as special part
of cross-culture project
started back in 2001.

IVBCD08, 2003
500 copies released
" In Memoriam Tarkovsky "

This compact disc is dedicated to the memory of Andrei Tarkovsky, russian film director.
Long phantasmagoric electroacoustic pieces by virtuoso visionaries explore Tarkovsky's semantic and emotional worlds. Some tracks are inspired by exact movie, others are grasping the entire art conception, in combination they even more confront with human enigma, provoking to get to another level of contemplation.
Roger Doyle
mr. foley's final moments

Michael Prime
across the river

Stanislav Kreitchi
water, water, water everywhere

Christian Renou

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121 / CLOSING THE ETERNITY: ...справедливости ради заметим, что интерес к творчеству Тарковского в нас также не проснулся. > > >
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...своеобразные альтернативные саундтрэки к фильмам Тарковского. > > >
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